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GPD Pocket Keyboard Replacement and Reassembly

May 15, 2018

A warm thank you to my new subscribers who continue to sign up, even though it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything genealogy-related. I’ve been quite busy at work with the School District of Philadelphia, working on my teacher’s certificate, and a master’s next year.

I did have a free day today to edit and upload this video of my GPD Pocket reassembly. My genealogy tie-in is that this is an ultra-portable mini computer that’s just as powerful as a comparably priced netbook. This is my genealogy machine. I take it with me on my cycling tours of family history historic sites, so it’s fitting for the machine to receive a treatment here, now, while much of my time for genealogical pursuits has been temporarily diverted.

If you have one of these fine machines and need to replace some innards, you might find this video helpful! Note that I am not super-duper knowledgeable about handling computer hardware, so if you see anything happen in this video that is less that safe for the machine, feel free to drop a comment. The viewers will benefit.👍

In other GPD Pocket news, it has been two version upgrades and nearly a year since I first installed Fedora Linux on this machine. I’ll be writing shortly about my latest experiences.

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